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An Acupuncture Point for Healing Asthma and Chest Pain

Most of the acupuncture points (acupoints) of the Lung Channel can help in the treatment of pulmonary diseases including cough and asthma. LU 9 (Taiyuan) is the ninth point on the Lung Channel. It can be utilized to heal cough, asthma, sore throat, and hemoptysis. In addition, it is helpful for relieving chest pain, wrist pain, palm heat, as well as the pulseless syndrome.

The Chinese meaning of this point indicates some interesting features. Here “Tai” in the Chinese name means great, and “yuan” means abyss. This point is the “Shu-Stream” and “Yuan-Source” acupoints of the Lung meridian. It is the vessel-confluent point of the Eight Confluent acupoints. “Shu-Stream” acupuncture points are below the knees or elbows.

“Yuan-Source” acupuncture points are the locations where the primary qi of the internal organs flows by and stays there. They may reflect the pathological changes of the internal organs and can be used for disease diagnosis and treatment of relevant organs.

The Eight Confluent acupuncture points are the convergent places of the essence of qi, blood, tendons, vessels, bones, marrow, and internal organs. These points can be used to treat diseases of the corresponding meridians, tissues, and organs.

To use the acupuncture point LU 9 (Taiyuan), you can find it at the radial end of the transverse crease of the wrist, in the depression on the radial side of the radial artery. For acupressure at this point, use the thumb to press for 5-10 seconds for at least 10 times. To perform acupuncture here, puncture the needle perpendicularly for 0.3-0.5 cun. Note that the radial artery in this area should be avoided.

This point can be used to remove the phlegm, adjust qi of the Lung, improve the circulation of the blood, and clear away the heat in the Lungs and Liver. Chinese researchers found that for some people, there was a specific receiving sensibility at LU 9 (Taiyuan).

Premarital Counseling

One of the responsibilities of the premarital counselor is to identify potential time bombs in a marriage. Those time bombs are identified by either, observation, direct questioning, or by the couple completing a questionnaire about their past, present circumstances and their expectations.

During one such premarital counseling session, an elderly lady discovered that the young man she was counseling was still married and had three children with his wife. Had she not asked the ridiculous question are you still married to someone else she may never have discovered this embarrassing truth. Ridiculous questions may reveal ridiculous positions that preclude marriage.

Even a child can ask as many questions that would precisely point to potential time bombs. It is premarital counseling that brings out such issues as the man who does not want to have children until after five years of marriage while the woman may be planning to have at three two kids by then. Premarital counseling not only alerts couples to avoidable danger, it also reinforces the right choices they have made when they have made such choices. In the right setting, premarital counseling helps to teach the couple the importance of the commitment they are about to make with respect to the lifetime covenant of marriage. But it may not teach them how to be committed. Premarital counselors serve a good purpose in helping couples evaluate each other at more objective levels. For more information on how to objectively evaluate yourself or other individuals at the 5 Foundations of life, you can read 1 ROOMMATE.

The premarital counselor must, during the process of counseling couples identify any of the 7 Divorce Creating Habits (DCH), any Risk factors for divorce as well as the sanity zones in either individual before joining them. The PMCor must also identify the presence or absence of the 7 Maturity C Factors. The DCH and maturity factors are listed in the appendix. They are described in greater detail in other books by the author. If any of the latter is absent, the premarital counseling should be halted and these findings discussed immediately with the couple. It proves that either one or both partners are not ready for marriage even if they seem to be perfect for each other.

Without being rigid, the premarital counselor has specific responsibilities that must be executed in disciplinary fashion. Being a minister is no excuse for negligence or incompetence. If you want to provide premarital counseling for couples, you must know what you are doing. Lives are at stake, sometimes generations. It is the PMCor’s job to warn couples of imminent dangers and dissuade them diplomatically from making costly mistakes that could endanger their children and even generations to come.

Acupuncture Reduces Cancer Pain

Acupuncture relieves cancer pain due to medication side effects according to new research conducted at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. Treatment for multiple myeloma (MM), cancer of plasma cells that affects bone marrow, is treated with the pharmaceutical drug bortezomib. Peripheral neuropathy, damage to peripheral nerves, is a common side effect causing pain in cancer patients taking bortezomib. The new research finds that acupuncture is effective for relieving peripheral neuropathy pain due to bortezomib intake in cancer patients. This finding affects cancer treatments in that bortezomib induced pain is a dose-limiting factor. The researchers conclude, “Acupuncture is a viable treatment option for MM patients experiencing painful BIPN (bortezomib-induced peripheral neuropathy).”

Acupuncture Prescription

Auricular Acupuncture Patients were given acupuncture at a rate of 1-2 times per week or once every two weeks dependent upon clinical pain reduction responses. Acupuncture needles were retained for a total of 25 minutes per treatment. Points used in the study were: auricular shen men, auricular point zero, two auricular points where electro-dermal signals were detected, LI4 (Hegu), TB5 (Waiguan), LI11 (Quchi) , ST40 (Fenglong) and Bafeng. All patients experienced pain reduction immediately following the first acupuncture visit. No adverse reactions were associated with the acupuncture treatments and patients experienced long lasting pain relief.

Source: Chinese Herbalist Chicago

How to Use a Life Coach

Over the past decade one of the main buzzwords or phrases used in Corporate America, on television, and in personal circles has been the terminology Life Coach. Having met a Life Coach on a plane one day during a routine business trip, and after a cocktail or two, we got into a discussion about what exactly it is a Life Coach does, and how one goes about using the services of a Life Coach. This article will share the basics that will hopefully help readers determine if this is in fact a service that can be of help to them.

Some but not all Life Coaches have a professional background, such as the one encountered who happened to be a Psychologist. There are however training classes to prepare one to be a Life Coach, which can be found on the Internet for a hefty fee. So please understand not all Life Coaches hold a professional license per say. As it turns out a Life Coach is there to help one find direction, to help one find his or her passion and destiny in this lifetime, and to help rid one of negative patterns which generally promote negative behaviors. They also assist with setting and reaching goals in one’s personal life, financial life, physical fitness, or other areas of importance.

Let’s start at the beginning. Most Life Coaches will try to determine where you are in your life and what you want out of it. More importantly they will skillfully show you how to get to where you want to be. If you already know what you want to do then half of the work is done. If you know you want to be a nurse, painter, writer, masseuse, whatever the career may be, then the next logical step is to form a plan to acquire the proper training to accomplish reaching your desired career. Usually finding the time is one of the first things that comes up. Decide just how important your new career or whatever the priority is in your life, and make the time. Something else may have to give, but it is about how badly you want to make whatever the change is you have decided you need to make. With a little work, organization, and motivation, the goal can be accomplished.

There are however people that are not happy in the careers they are in but are not sure what to do next. They don’t know what they want to do. More importantly the obstacles that stand in the way are generally self-created obstacles most of us consider safety nets. Hence our hesitancy to leave our illusionary comfortable secure corporate jobs to venture out into what could possibly make us happy by way of a new career. Discuss your fears with your Life Coach. One must examine the odds and determine if in fact staying on the corporate treadmill for the benefits provided i.e. health insurance and other benefits, outweigh the benefits of sanity, quality of life, and happiness. Sometimes staying on the job for the health benefits creates the illnesses we need the health benefits for.

Discuss your feelings with your Chicago Life Coaches and listen to the choices offered. You ultimately make your own decisions, but your Life Coach is there to help you see options from an objective point of view. Most Life Coaches are motivational speakers that have the ability to be persuasive, but definitely have the gift of positive thinking, and can pump a client up psychologically. Sometimes, that is really all a person needs to make the move they have longed to make, but were not able to make the first step.

One of the things the Life Coach advised was to examine what it is one likes, and consider making a living of the specific task or hobby. If there is something you love and you don’t have time to do it, you must create the time. For certain if a person loves something, he or she is generally good at it, and is happy while doing it, and thus will provide quality service thus producing a happy and loyal clientele, in addition to a happy self. The fact is, if we love what we are doing, we are destined for success. Should you invest in the services of a Life Coach, learn to take advantage of the skills offered, and allow the person you chose to trust and pay for a service to help you achieve the goals and the life you dream of. Ask questions, interview more than one Life Coach, or get a referral. Your choice of Life Coach is as important as the choice you make when you select a doctor.